Jiří Sopko, Liberec

Curator: Linda K. Sedláková
Place: Galerie Prostor 228, Perlová ulice, Liberec
Date: 1. 9. až 31. 10. 2018
Contact:  www.prostor228.cz







Retrospective exhibition introduced the works of Jiří Sopko from his school days to the present. The vernissage took place on Tuesday 4 September 2018 with participation of the author and the curator of the exhibition.
The exhibition was organised in co-operation with the Gema Gallery.

Jiří Sopko: Painting as a process
Jiří Sopko is one of the authors who diligently explore the nuances of change with their own unique temperance and internalised interest in the truth, which manifests itself in subtle gradation of hue. Life is a variation of the same motifs manifesting themselves in various ways. Sopko captures this fine web of reality and its variants through multiplying themes in different colour variants. In doing so, he offers the viewer a variety of options to understand the individual connections.
Bold colours and composition of motifs lend an existential dimension to the canvases, especially regarding the relation between a human as a unique being and the other beings. Uniqueness lies in the possibility to realise this singular position – to come out of oneself and transform completely. We are observing Jiří Sopko's paintings and we see that to him, the most important thing is the very process of creation. His paintings come out of themselves. Maybe that is what makes his work so original, unrestrained, unclassifiable and truthful.
(Author of the text: Ondřej Jerman)