Monograph Jiří Sopko

Texts: Pavla Pečinková, Dušan Brozman,
Linda Sedláková
Concept: Linda Sedláková 
Graphic Design: Jan Zachariáš - Atelieur Půda 
Print: Gema Art a Tiskárna Jiskra, spol. s r.o. 
ISBN: 978-80-86087-59-7 
Information: 436 pages, 27 x 30 cm, 300 color reproductions CZ / EN mutation

Sopko is one of those artists whose works address their viewers without the need for commentary or explanation. The mystery and the message of his pictures are quietly absorbed by the understanding viewer. Despite this, the publisher did not want to publish the book without a traditional textual part. Of the many available studies, he finally decided to complement the brief but very informative biographical study by Pavla Pečinková with short commentaries on some of the pictures, written by Dušan Brozman. Jiří Sopko himself greatly assisted in the selection of the illustrations and, in so doing, created a pictorial portrait of his life. The text itself is thus an interesting form of interpretive communication between the painter and the collector-theoretician.